Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions2018-04-19

1) Northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia: The temperature was low, and most areas were exposed to precipitation, w …More »

News Briefs2018-04-19

l In the first quarter, the gross domestic product was 19 8783 trillion yuan, which increased by 6 8% year on y …More »

Feed Material Prices Showed the Decreasing Trend, Which Would Relieve the Pressure from Farming Costs2018-04-17

In early April, influenced by China-U S trade war, domestic soybean meal prices soared sharply, stimulating feed …More »

Thanks to Obvious Price Advantage of Temporarily-stored Corn, the Trading Rate Reached up to 89% 2018-04-17

On April 12th and 13th, northeast planed to auction 6 68 million MT of corn The actual trading volume was 6 42 …More »

Recovering Fertilizer Industry and Improved Operating Management Made Xinyangfeng’s Operating Revenues Ascend Greatly 2018-04-10

According to annual report released by Xinyangfeng recently, 2017 operating revenues stood at 9 032 billion RMB, u …More »
Meihua Group’s First-Phase Corn Further Processing Project in Baicheng of Jilin Would Put into Operation in October2018-04-17
Thanks to Companies’ More Willingness to Participate in Auction, the Trading Rate of Corn Auctioned Reached up to 89% 2018-04-17
Salt Lake Potash Unveiled New Price Policies in April2018-04-10
India Released Subsidy Budgets for Fertilizer in 2018/19, around 11 Billion US Dollars 2018-04-10
Guangdong Yihao Food invests 500 million yuan in building layer project with inventory of 2 million native layers2018-04-10
An outbreak of H7N9 in poultry in Hongdong County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province2018-04-10
First-stage Project of Ten Million Layers Industrial Park Project in Shayang county Hubei province Officially Goes into 2018-04-09