China Imported 13.3258 Million Cubic Meters of Korean Pine and Camphor Pine in 2017, up 7.2% YoY2018-06-13

In 2017, China’s imports of Korean Pine and Camphor Pine (log and sawn timber) increased 7 2% and reached …More »

The Output Value of Wood Industry Reached RMB 2.12 Trillion in 2017, Increased 6.04% YoY2018-06-13

According to the statistics of of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, the industrial output valu …More »

New-Type Fertilizer Companies Mainly Depend on Exporting and Government Procurement 2018-06-13

New-type fertilizer companies mainly adopt selling models: traditional dealers, direct selling and government procure …More »

How Do Chinese Fertilizer Companies Achieve an Increase in Both Operating Revenues and Profits?2018-06-13

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Operating Revenues of Fertilizer Companies Listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations Kept Increasing, but Thei2018-06-13

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Log Price Index Went down 0.32% MoM, up 4.67% YoY2018-06-13
Wood Price Index Went up 0.55% MoM, up 3.76% YoY2018-06-13
Henan Adjusted and Optimized Planting Structure of Autumn Grain Based on Profits: Expansion of Soybean Planting Areas, S2018-06-13
Bayer Finished the Acquisition of Monsanto 2018-06-13
Equity Transfer Between Jinxingnong and Twins was Terminated 2018-06-13
Auction Volume and Trading Volume of Corn Both Declined this Week 2018-06-13
Financial Support from Central Government in 2018 Would Cover the Pilots of 25-Million-Mu Area for Rotation and 4-Millio2018-06-13