China’s Infant Formula Market2018-12-07

(1) Market size and growth: the growth of sales of infant formula accelerated in 2018, the yearly sales should …More »

Decline of Dairy Cattle Inventory for Consecutive Five Years, Experts Advocate More Reasonable Price for Dairy Farmers2018-12-07

Li Shengli, Chief Scientist of the National Dairy Cattle Industrial Technology System informed dairy cattle invento …More »

Tight Raw Milk Supply and Upsurge of Feed Cost lead to Continual Rise of Milk Price2018-12-07

MOA monitoring data indicates the monthly average price for soymeal in November stood at 3 6 yuan kg, up 9% YoY …More »

Benefiting from the launch of swine OA bivalent vaccine, Jinyu Bio-technology achieved high growth in performance in Q32018-12-07

From the financial report released by Jinyu Bio-technology, the sales revenue of commercial FMD vaccine in the fi …More »

Profits of transporting carcass meat across provinces are up to 600yuan/head, and will be more considerable in the future.2018-12-07

Live pigs in big producing provinces couldn’t be transported to other regions, the selling of fattened pigs …More »
Examination Rules on Production Licensing of Formula Food with Special Medical Purpose (draft) Issued2018-12-07
Nearly 1,200 Infant Formulas Passed Registration2018-12-07
Bilateral Trade between China and Australia to Enjoy Zero Tariff from 20192018-12-07
The State Post Bureau issued an urgent notice prohibiting the receipt and delivery of any pork items2018-12-07
A case of O-type swine FMD was confirmed in Henglan town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province.2018-12-07
An outbreak of O-type FMD was reported in Yining county of Xinjiang2018-12-07
Dabeinong Possibly Would Introduce Governmental Capital for Equity Cooperation 2018-12-06