Along with an Increase in Material Prices and a Wait-and-See Attitude from the Downstream, NPK Winter Reserves Have an Uncertain Outlook 2018-10-17

Currently, NPK winter reserves in the northeast have started, but the progress of purchase in advance works on a …More »

Along with a Fall in Demand for Exporting and Domestic Use, the Output of Many Fertilizer Products Declined Year on Year2018-10-17

Recently, domestic N-fertilizer and P-fertilizer prices kept increasing, which is closely related to a decline in …More »

Why Did Fertilizer Prices Witness Varying Levels of Growths?2018-10-17

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Methionine Prices Possibly Would Ascend Periodically in the Future2018-10-17

Methionine prices have stabilized for nearly one month, at RMB 17,500-18,500 MT, the lowest in recent years Howev …More »

The Markets Have Strong Long-Term Confidence on Prices after New-Season Corn Availability on the Market, but There Would be a Periodic Low in a Short Time 2018-10-17

October is the period of new corn availability on the market in large quantities Influenced by China-U S trade …More »
Xiamen Ecological Tea Garden would Have Accounted for More 80% of the Total Areas of Tea Gardens in Fujian by 20222018-10-17
The Ministry of Commerce Released Fertilizer Import Quotas of 20192018-10-17
COFCO Biochemical’s 0.3-Million-Ton Fuel Ethanol Project is Located in Bayan of Harbin 2018-10-17
Wellhope and Hainan Nongken Group Signed Ecological Circulation Project of the Whole Chicken Industrial Chain in Wenchang2018-10-17
Global Cherry Output May Reach 3.3 Million Tons in 2018/192018-10-10
Kiwifruit Output in 2018/19 in Northern Hemisphere (excluding China) May Exceed 800,000 Tons2018-10-10
The Trade War between China and the US Escalates with Raised Tariffs2018-10-10