Vegetable Oil Prices Increase in the Beginning of 2018 but Do not Have the Conditions to Keep Growing2018-02-09

Starting in November 2017, domestic vegetable oil prices began a new round of decline, hitting a record low in …More »

Proportion of Domestic High-protein Soybeans Increased but Proportion of High-oil Soybeans Reduced Sharply in 20172018-02-09

Compared with imported soybeans, the biggest advantages of domestic soybeans are they are of non-GM soybeans and …More »

Pork supply increased in 2017, and hog price is predicted to be about 14.5yuan/kg in 20182018-02-09

The average price of hog dropped to 13yuan kg from 18yuan kg in the first five months of 2017, and basically ma …More »

The slaughter of hogs of domestic large-scale farming enterprises increased in 2017, but the growth will slow down later2018-02-09

Domestic large-scale hog farming enterprises all saw great growth in slaughter in 2017, of which, the production …More »

The US became the largest source country of China’s imported breeding pigs in 2017, and the strains of breeding pig we2018-02-09

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Zhongya Grain & Oil Storage Transportation Processing Industrial Park Signed Contracts in Lanzhou2018-02-09
Cofco’s Total Profit Reached RMB 11.8 Billion in 2017, Business Share of Grain and Oil Increased 76%2018-02-09
Wens Group held hog farming project advancing meeting in Zhangzi County2018-02-09
Da Bei Nong increases an investment of RMB 240 million in its subsidiary in Heilongjiang2018-02-09
Heilongjiang Xinhecheng Biological Technology Planned to Build a Corn Further Processing Project with Annual Processing 2018-02-08
New Hope Planned to Built a Hog Farming Base with Annual Production of More 2 Million Heads in Inner Mongolia2018-02-08
Sinoagri Holding Company’s Fertilizer Exports in 2017 Continued to Rank First in China2018-02-08