Special Research Report on China’s Seed Markets in 20112016-05-30

BOABC is a professional service company specializing in agricultural consultation. Since the set up of the company...View »

In-depth Research Report on Soybean and Its Processing Industry2016-05-30

Table of Contents1. Analysis Of Policy Environment Of China’S Soybean Industry1.1 Policies to Support Soybean...View »

Analysis and Forecast Report of Small Packaged Vegoil Industry in China2016-05-30

In the past 20 years, a fast increase of edible oil production and consumption was found in China; however, the growth would slow down in the future and no significant changes would be found in the supply and demand situation. View »


China’s Soybean Processing Industry to Enter from the Stage of Capacity Expansion to a New Stage of Structure OptimizationView »

Analysis and Forecast on China Vegoils & Oilseeds Industry (2015-2016)2016-01-07

Research BackgroundIn 2015, China vegetable oil industry mainly showed the following characteristics:1 Domestic oilse...View »

Research Report on Market of Formula Milk Powder for Infants in China 20142014-03-20

CONTENTSMain Conclusions.1. Analysis of China’s Dairy Product Processing.1.1 Classification of Dairy Products in...View »

Report on Extensive Analysis of Edible Vegetable Oil Industry in China2014-03-18

ContentsPart I: Present Development and Prospect ofEdible Vegetable Oil Market in China1 Analysis of External Envir...View »

Analysis and Research Report on Rapeseeds and Rapeseed Meal Market2013-04-23

Research Background In recent years, the industrial pattern of rapeseed, rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal in China ...View »

Report on China’s Sesame Market in 20132013-04-12

Content1. Analysis of Global Sesame Industry Development 11.1 Planting Areas of Major Sesame Production Countries i...View »

Research Report on China’s Corn Seed Industry2012-07-20

Research Report on China’s Corn Seed Industry focuses on the following: 1. Policy analysis of China’s corn seed industry development. 2. China’s corn planting. 3. China's key corn planting areas: mainly including corn planting area of important provinces, main planting varieties and seed demand, analysis of main corn seed enterprises and main corn planting counties in key provinces. 4. China's main corn seed production bases: including corn seed production bases in northwest, northeast, and North China. An in-depth analysis of corn seed production base in Gansu Province, including corn seed production area, yield, and main varieties in Gansu. 5. Popularization of China's main corn varieties by province. 6. Main varieties production and sales of China’s key corn seed enterprises.View »
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