China Livestock Market Review & Outlook 2013 /20142013-12-17

PrefaceSince 2004, BOABC started to summarize and review the operation of livestock breeding market and meat tra...View »

Depth Analysis of China Broiler Chicken Market Status in 20132013-08-07

China is the second largest producing country of broiler, but the chicken mainly is supplied to domestic market, the import and export volume of chicken is small relative to production In 2012, the production of chicken was about 13 78 million tons, while the import volume and export volume of fresh frozen poultry meat and offal respectively were 521 7 thousand tons and 194 thousand tons, accounting for 3 79% and 1 41% of the domestic production Looked from the growth rate of China’s chicken production during the period from 2003 to 2012, the compound average annual growth rate was 3 9% In normal years, the annual average growth rate of chicken production in China has passed 3%, higher than the average growth rate of global chicken production But under the influence of abuse of antibView »

Research Report on China's Premix Feed Market2013-04-17

From year of 2003 to 2012 (10 years), the gradual improvement in the scale of China’s livestock breeding and the increase of major premix target customers (including large farms, high-end farming enterprises and medium-sized farms mainly engaging in hog and egg poultry breeding) led to the steady growth of premix market in recent years In 2012, the number of domestic premix manufacturing enterprises ran up to 3,067 and the output reached 6 2 million tons The average growth rate during period between 2003 and 2012 was 5 6% View »

Analysis of China’s Top-grade Beef Market2013-03-22

Content1. China’s Fine Beef Cattle Breed. 12. China’s Market Supply and Demand of Top-grade Beef. 12.1...View »

Monthly Monitoring Report of China's Import and Export of Beef and Mutton2013-03-20

Content1 China’s Import of Fresh and Chilled Beef in January 2013 11 1 China’s Import of Fresh and C View »

China’s Feed Market Review & Outlook Report, 2012/20132012-12-11

In “Review and Outlook on China Feed Market 2012 2013” compiled by BOABC, not only the market status quo of major feed raw materials & feed additives and imp & exp is analyzed deeply in details, but also the segment markets of hog feed, poultry feed, aquatic feed and ruminant feed as well as the top enterprises of each segment market are paid special attention, meanwhile prediction of feed industry’s development trend in 2013 in China will be discussed View »

China Livestock Market Review & Outlook 2012-20132012-11-22

Livestock farming profit in China in 2012 shrunk a lot compared with 2011 Under the gloomy condition of livestock industry in China in 2012, adjustment in terms of production capacity and farming structure was noted, profit difference was becoming more obvious In “China Livestock Market Review & Outlook 2012-2013”, deep analysis, such as supply-demand, price change and trade condition regarding hog, meat poultry, egg poultry, beef cattle and mutton sheep, will be made to try to figure out the development direction of livestock product market in China for the related enterprises’ reference View »

Annual Report on China’s Aquatic Product Market and Trade in 2012/20132012-11-14

In this report, classifies China’s aquatic product market into low-grade and mass aquatic product market, medium-grade aquatic product market and high-end aquatic product market. It tracked and analyzed the supply and demand, consumption, price trend and trade condition of 25 aquatic products with large consumption and trade volume, in order to clarify the direction of market development, thus providing reference to aquatic feed enterprises, aquatic product processing enterprises, aquaculture and fishing enterprises, and traders of aquatic products at home and abroad for decision-making.View »

China’s Feed Microecologics Market Research Report2012-10-29

Report mainly focuses on the following issues: the consumption and supply status of feed microecologics market in China and major domestic feed microecologics manufacturing enterprises View »

Research Report on China’s Middle and High End Pork Market Competition2012-09-18

Research Report on China’s Middle and High End Pork Market Competition focuses on the following issues: future growth space of China’s middle and high end pork market, the characteristics of middle and high end pork consumption in China, circulation channels and circulation costs of various middle and high end porks in China, the major players and their scales and market influences, investment value, the market concentration of China’s middle and high end pork market, competition trend and structure.View »