Special Import and Export Data Report2017-05-22

Reports include the quantity (or export) of imports, the amount of imports (or the amount of the export), the c View »

Thematic Study Report on Production, Consumption and Circulation ofChina’s Rice by Provinces and Regions 2016-05-30

Japonica Rice and Indica Rice Output Distribution by Province and Region in ChinaView »

Research Report on the Development Trend of China’s Peanut Industry2016-05-30

Report Orientation: Now, China’s peanut industry is in a period of good planting benefit and huge developmen...View »

Research Report on the Development Trend of 2016-05-30

PrefaceReport Orientation: Now, China’s peanut industry is in a period of good planting benefit and huge dev...View »

Yearbook on China's Agricultural Products2016-05-24

INTRODUCTIONYearbook on China’s Agricultural Products (2015)Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products of 20 View »

China Corn Industry Analysis and Forecast Report2016-01-06

ContentsFocus 31 Corn market and industry analysis 41 1 Changes in Corn Price 41 2 Prices of Corn Processed P View »

Special Research Report on China’s Wheat and Wheat Processed Products Industry2017-03-15

Chapter One China’s Wheat Production 61 Position of Wheat in China’s Food Crops 61 1 Position of Whea View »

Report on Operation and Investment Strategy of China’s Fresh Food E-commerce Industry 2013-10-16

China has stepped into the mid-stage of industrialization, and the relationship between industry and agriculture is changing into the pattern of industry supporting agriculture. With the policy support and encouragement, the constant innovation of agricultural production management technology, the constant improvement of consuming capability and food safety awareness of the public, China’s new agricultural industry has aroused great concern from investors. View »

China’s Rice Processing Industry Competition and Development Countermeasures2013-09-22

The position of rice consumption in the daily food consumption of residents further promoted the improvement of rice processing technique, the rapid enlargement of market capacity and the rapid changes of market structure in this industry. ....View »

Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products 20132012-12-27

Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products 2013 has a complete range of data on outputs, consumption volumes, imports & exports, international market occupation ratio, prices, geographical distributions, etc. of 80 agricultural products in the past 5-10 years and analyses have also been made.View »
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